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For years, we struggled with different advertising options for our own businesses.  Spending tens of thousands of dollars on ads that didn't produce any leads!  Traditional advertising is expensive, and with today's flood of options, how do you stand out?  I remember running a single ad for $5,000 that I thought was clever and engaging, only for the phone to remain perfectly silent...

This lead us to study different approaches to marketing through leading thought leaders like Seth Godin and Donald Miller (Storybrand).  The reality is, marketing is serving a need of your customer/client.  It's almost impossible today to through any amount of money at advertising and expecting success, especially for small businesses.  What need are you meeting?  Is that clearly communicated?  Are you really FOR your customers?  We are here for you, the businesses that make this country so great!

When small businesses succeed, lives are improved.


Nathan Petron  •  Co-founder

I've always loved photography and video.  For 20 years I've photographed weddings, and the last few years have transitioned into wedding and commercial video creation.  During that transition, I became obsessed with studying marketing, and after helping a few friends clarify their messaging and wireframe their websites, I was asked to start a marketing company.  At first, I resisted the idea, but I found I absolutely loved working with other businesses to clarify their messages and create websites and video's to position them as the guide in their customer's story.


With a little encouragement from my good friend and now business partner Steve, Target Focused Marketing was born!


I currently live in Sheridan, WY with my beautiful bride and five kids.  We love the mountains, traveling, hiking, snowboarding, and beaches.  I love trying new things and am always up for an adventure.  Live's too short to stand still!! 


Steve Gould  •  Co-founder

In 2009 I witnessed a live exhibition shooting show that inspired a dream to become a professional trick shooter. With little more than vision and passion (that I wasn’t even good at!) I pursued this “unrealistic” dream with my brother to turn it into a reality.

Through the years of running this business, I have felt the pain and frustration of having to do it all. Realizing that so many small businesses were in the same boat I wanted to take what I had learned in marketing and digital content creation to help other business clarify their message and create the marketing and content that actually makes a difference.

I have always been a dreamer with ideas on how the future could be different and better than the reality of the present. I believe that having this ability allows me to see and create a future that doesn’t exist yet. That is a big part of what we do as business owners, we see possibility and then we create it. I have a passion for helping businesses succeed because behind every business are people. People with passions, dreams, family, and communities. When businesses succeed, lives are improved.

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